Predomiwhat? About this wannabe-blog.


This is about to be a blog. Probably.

My way of working myself into a technical topic is to work with it, build a demo and blog about it. Will not be strictly a ${EMPLOYER} technology one, even though if predominantly so.

Blog - what about? Haven't quite herauskristallisiert defined yet. Am interested in many fields, let's see:

Red Hat-wise:
  • Automation - mostly Ansible/Tower, 'cause nowadays you just can't afford not being efficient
  • Software Defined Storage: Both Gluster as Container Native Storage as well as Ceph for highly scaling storage. 
  • Proactive Issue Handling - with Red Hat Insights. 
  • OpenStack - for it has passed the hypecurve and is now entering primetime
  • ...etc.
On a more general technical level I am into:
  • Autonomous vehicles - 'cause I despise losing time while commuting/travelling.
  • Cosmology and deep space research - 'cause we know nothing about this mindbogglingly huge uni(multi?)verse. 
  • Cryptocurrencies - 'cause the economy is way too complicated. 
  • Tech history - both in the computing and the spaceflight field.

...besides some more human topics:
  • Unconditional Basic Income - 'cause the economy needs to be rewamped 
  • Parenting - 'cause I have two great kids and against all expectations I completely
About me? Well my Twitter bio says:

decreasingly young. Dad of 2, Red Hat Infra Solution Architect, wannabe bassplayer and space engineer. HU, then AT. Too much coffee and chili. Tweets are mine.

Well, most of the above is still quite fitting.
Ah, right. Posts are mine.

At a good last, as of now this blog is titled "Predominantly Unobjectionable". If you get the reference, give me a holler, and you're in for a coffee.


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