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Predomiwhat? About this wannabe-blog.

Hi. This is about to be a blog. Probably. My way of working myself into a technical topic is to work with it, build a demo and blog about it. Will not be strictly a ${EMPLOYER} technology one, even though if predominantly so. Blog - what about? Haven't quite herauskristallisiert defined yet. Am interested in many fields, let's see: Red Hat-wise: Automation - mostly Ansible/Tower, 'cause nowadays you just can't afford not being efficient Software Defined Storage: Both Gluster as Container Native Storage as well as Ceph for highly scaling storage.  Proactive Issue Handling - with Red Hat Insights.  OpenStack - for it has passed the hypecurve and is now entering primetime ...etc. On a more general technical level I am into: Autonomous vehicles - 'cause I despise losing time while commuting/travelling. Cosmology and deep space research - 'cause we know nothing about this mindbogglingly huge uni(multi?)verse.  Cryptocurrencies - 'cause